Had one of these and it was just so fucking COOL.

Head On Fortress Maximus!

Continuity issues - First shot (before Prime does his spinout) , 2 lanes. Prime arrives.. 4 lanes… then back to two for the final shots…

HOLY CACA’S THIS DUDE IS HUGE. Just came to my collection 5/01.

Sentinel Prime - TF: Dark of the Moon 

A Prime Arrival (Transformers 2007) 

Higher Res versions of the 2007 TF movie chase scene with Bumblebee and Barricade

Greatest Cinematic AssWhooping of All Time (TM) - This literally had me hopping in my chair like a crazy man (and I’m half dead from Chemotherapy, they literally LET me out of the hospital to go see the film :) ) .. great mental therapy for me :)

One of my Favorite scenes from the 2007 Bay Film

I had to laugh when I first saw this .. Hot chicks.. Stan Bush.. and my screenname prominently shown in a few shots (SentaiRick) :) Was proud.